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Clive Gray

Clive Gray is Professor of Immunology in Molecular Biology and Human Genetics at Stellenbosch University and Emeritus Professor of Immunology at the University of Cape Town, both in Cape Town South Africa.

He has published widely on HIV immunology and the first immune responses to acute HIV infection. He is the Director of the Reproductive Research Consortium in Africa (RIRCA), a newly formed research group which focuses on events in the placenta which lead to adverse birth outcomes and how this relates to immune ontogeny in the first few months of life.

Gray is also the Vice Chair of the Education Committee of the IUIS and has been instrumental in organizing immunology courses throughout Africa, Latin America, India, and Iran. He is the Director of Immunopaedia, the official IUIS immunology on-line resource and is used as a pre-course teaching tool for all IUIS courses. He is also the President of the IUIS International Immunology Congress to be held in Cape Town in Nov/Dec 2023.