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  • Dr. Nimesh is heading the Vaccine Immunology Laboratory at the National
    Institute of Immunology, New Delhi. Dr. Nimesh is a virologist and immunologist
    by training.
  • His team works in the area of virus immunology, and the programs are at the
    interface of fundamental and translational immunology.
  • Major focus is to understand the biology of T cells, mainly Tfh cells, in the long-
    lasting protective humoral immunity after vaccination or virus infection in human.
  • Dr. Nimesh received several awards from prominent international societies for his
    significant and novel contribution in the field of T-cell immunology like
    European Federation of Immunological Societies, the American Association of
    Immunologist, the Martin Villar haemostasis global award and the ADVAC
    Fellow of Merieux foundation, France.
  • Dr. Nimesh has successfully established a “human immune monitoring and T-cell
    immunoassay platform” which has been highly instrumental in the COVID-19
    research in the country.
  • Dr. Nimesh has contributed several high impact publications in the prominent
    journals like Science Translational Medicine, Nature Microbiology, Nature
    Communication, Lancet Infectious Disease, Cell Reports etc.
  • He has international and national patents on application of T cells in
    immunotherapy and vaccinology domain.
  • Dr. Nimesh is also serving as the virus immunology expert in several national and
    international taskforces related to human health.